Sunday, July 18, 2010

Letting Go...

Today's ah ha moment came in a casual conversation with my mother-in-law this morning. I was talking about a recent problem that seems to be showing up over and over in my life in different relationships (obviously some work to do on it...) and at one point I said "uh, I've got to let that go!" My mother-in-law Linda (who is a healer) said "No! You can't just let it go. It doesn't work that way. Your brain needs something tangible and concrete to think about any issue. You need to change your thinking about it, and in that change the issue begins to heal and the transformation of letting go happens naturally."

This hit me on so many levels. First, instinctively I knew this has always been my process. When high negative emotions come up for me, I know there is work to be done. After a few minutes of victim-hood, I yearn for a way to resolve the issue. I work to understand the others point of view, or why they did what they did. I look at myself and question why this is a trigger, and I'll read or journal or meditate about how I can think or feel differently to find peace with this issue.

When I can find something that makes sense, a view that feels right, I develop an understanding to the situation. There's a knowing that this was meant to happen. My thinking really is changed when I feel my thoughts bring me some level of peace.

There is often a little battle with the ego that goes of for a bit. My negative thinking pops in and reminds me that I was right and the other is wrong. On some subjects may stay here for a long time (even a lifetime). I believe that if one is to evolve, to find peace, there must be some conscious choosing that occurs to interrupt the ego mind, and focus on what you know to be true about the situation (that new tangible positive thought process).

When this topic comes up, I have to remind myself of my new thinking/understanding. Over time with a commitment to see things differently, this positive idea expands, and soon when this topic is brought up in conversation, I talk about the good that has come from it, what I learned, how it has become an opportunity for growth, or what amazing thing has evolved because of it.

It's at this time, when choosing to think positively is a matter of fact, that I really have let go. I've let go of any negative emotions, and old thinking patterns. I've become self empowered rather than a victim of a good story.

Like George of the Jungle, I have to grasp the new vine before I can let go of the old one.

So to Let Go really means to embrace something new. We make choices every day on how we are going to feel and what energy we are going to bring into our lives. What is something in your life you'd like to let go of? How can you find a way to see this situation through a different lens in order to find more peace in your mind.

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