Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The First Steps...

This Blog is intended to be a collection of tid bits of wisdom, reflection, and ideas that are recorded on a weekly basis related to personal growth and development.

As a self proclaimed self-help junkie I can't get enough of anything related to improving ones' health, mental state, success, or fulfillment. I read, listen to audio, go to conferences, watch documentaries, journal, meditate, and dream of almost nothing else...even most of my vacations are surrounded by health spas and resorts.

My work - yoga classes, wellness coaching and personal training sessions provide the opportunity for me to debate these ideas about change, growth and empowerment I absorb. As I see people succeed from new techniques and thoughts, I know I need to share these tools with others. There are so many moments that go forgotten, that have the answers for transformation and achievement that most people seek.

I intend to record these gems in this blog. In doing so, I hope to create the framework for a personal growth self help book using the best of these inspirational thoughts, tools, techniques and insights. Please feel free to share your comments, feelings, and ideas with me as I go...

As a side note: Please don't send me grammer and spelling corrections. Since, my writing skills have improved dramatically since flunting English in highschool, I know that in order to let this book come to life I have to keep my thoughts flowing with ease! Let my editor have all the fun!

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