Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Challenges can make you Stronger

I'm convinced some of the best health professionals are the ones that are the most screwed up. It's true. When you live in a body that has a lot of pain, you have no choice but to pay attention and seek help. Along the way you learn a lot about how a body is in balance, and how it feels to be so far from it. Usually through trial and error with health care specialists, a lot of money on supplements, several trips to chapters, and many late night Google searches, things start to come together. Sharing this knowledge not only helps us grow and understand it for ourselves, but allows us the opportunity to help others who may be struggling with similar symptoms or pain.

So, when ever I have issues in my body, I learn as much as I can and am very eager to share what I've learned. In my late teens and early twenties I had chronic foot, knee, and back pain. Over that decade I studied anatomy, biomechanics, Pilates and yoga. Through this knowledge, I avoided surgery and went on to run triathlons and adventure races. Today, I'm confident that I can help just about anyone return to a pain free state if they are suffering from body pain related to there physical anatomy.

Now another decade later, I'm learning a lot more about nutrition and it's relationship to hormones and allergies. Last year, after a few months of intense stress, I broke out in hives. They lasted about 5 months on a daily basis, with some random relief. I saw every kind of doctor you can imagine, both natural, Chinese, specialists, and traditional. I went to just about anyone claiming to be able to help me. I tried lots of supplements, creams, detoxes, drops, meditation, retreats and even prayer. I read more books this past year then I've read my whole life.

The weird thing is now that I've found some relief, I can appreciate the process and share my knowledge with those seeking solutions. There is something so authentic about helping others when you have experienced their pain too.

So these days, I'm teach people how to find balance not only in there physical anatomy, and in stress management but also in there gut. Learning to eat well to improve the function of there digestion, immune system, and hormone system is a really important component to overall health. And because I've lived through it, I share not only what you should do, but how to realistically make these changes.

Now my favorite topic is food. I love to talk about my organic garden, a healthy recipe discovery, or share research from a new study on minerals. Who would have thought months of agony over hives would have made me a better cook and an avid reader?

If there is something in your life your struggling with, don't be afraid to immerse yourself in it. Not as a victim, but as a discoverer. Consider that this journey may have a purpose. This challenge is an opportunity to learn more about yourself. This challenge offers the chance to experience what it means to be human and create empathy for others. Our challenges connect us, build relationships, and provide meaning and substance to our lives. Don't let your challenges get you down. Use them to make you stronger.

How have you grown as a person from your latest challenge?
Who have you grown closer to as a result of this challenge?
How has your life's challenges improved the lives of others?
Are you ready for your next challenge?

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