Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Somethings Gotta Give

Most of us several times through out the year, come to a place in our lives where things are not working. They haven't been working in a while, but it's finally gotten to a place where you decide "This has got to change!"

This is often where I come in. They've picked up the phone, they've come in for a tour, checked out a class, or maybe even gone as far as booking a personal training session. And a lot of people don't get much further than this.

They connect with me, tell me they are out of shape, in pain, or have really low energy. We both agree that an exercise program will help them achieve what they desire, then after a week or 2 the goal starts to seem unachievable. It's at this point where the coach in me comes out.

Consider your busy day, with all the responsibilities you currently have, and the energy to get it all done, then add another 30 minutes to your day for a workout, and at least that to prepare a healthy dinner. That's an hour a day, times 7 days. Where would you find an additional 7 hours (minimum) in your already busy schedule. It's not there.

Unless you are very committed to this change, there is often a struggle in the first month of any wellness program. Finding the time, when there are so many other things to do (or things you'd rather be doing), is really the hard part.

So before you begin this new endeavor , as a coach, I try to have my clients consider what they are willing to put aside to make this plan a success.

I see moms with good intentions, let hockey and housekeeping, and errands ruin there plans. I see CEO's struggle with business lunches, trips, and early meetings, interfere with there intentions. It's easy to fall off when we don't consider that something's gotta give.

And in the early stages of a wellness program, the body is adjusting, it's tired, and overworked. It will be a few more weeks before the workouts don't hurt, and the energy levels increase.

This is why a coach in those first few weeks can be the best money you ever spend on your health.

I know that a client is going to make it, when they decide that their health comes first. And that despite the responsibilities they have in there life, this is important. When they sit down and think about how they have been living there life, and contemplates how they need to adjust that to make a wellness program a part of there whole life - I know the solutions will surface. If a meeting comes up, or a soccer practice gets in the way of their workouts, they find a way to fit it in. And it's not because they love it, or are so committed. It's often because they have stopped to consider the obstacles and a plan B for these interruptions. They put their health first and made the time, and something else went undone.

If your willing to consider that you'll have to say no, that you may not stay up and watch the evening news, you may have to order the salad instead, or have the laundry pile up, then you'll be ready to change the way you feel and the way you look. Only then will you have the inspiration and energy you are searching for.

As a side note, sometimes life takes us in different directions. Sometimes there are things that are more important then getting a workout in. A new baby, a sick family member, creating a proposal for a new job, etc. These things are important and often temporary. If they exceed temporary - then you must factor in your health. Sometimes I turn people away, telling them to focus on what's really important, find sleep and good nutrition, and the toned fit body can wait.

And sometimes exercise is exactly what one needs to release the stress of our crazy lives. But, somethings gotta give.

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